The toksta* chat plugin for BuddyPress makes it easy to add toksta* chat and webcam to your BuddyPress site.

The plugin doesn't working any more. A new version will be released soon.


  1. Chat widget, click on an online user to invite to a chat.
  2. Chatbar, shows friends online, number of users online, set online status (online/offline) etc.
  3. Localized plugin , makes it easy to translate.
  4. Site admin control panel.


  1. BuddyPress (doh!)
  2. toksta* account (it's free)

Tested: Using my Mac, the plugin has been tested with

  • IE 6.x on Windows XP
  • IE 7.x on Windows Vista
  • FireFox 3.x and Safari 3.2.1 on Mac OS X 10.5.6

Version history (change log):

0.93 (Mars 2 2009) [download id="34"] NOTE, does not support BuddyPress r1303+, a version supporting r1303+ will be released soon

  • Bugfix, fixed bug in ps_bp_toksta_my_friends.php (thanks Miguael)

0.92 (Mars 1 2009) [download id="33"]

  • Bugfix, max members to show in chat widget
  • Moved "max members to show in chat widget" to  Site Admin->toksta* configuration
  • Updated ps_bp_toksta.po

0.91 (February 27 2009) [download id="32"]

  • Updated  the ps_bp_toksta.po file (previous version was empty, thank you Dan for pointing out this)

0.9 (February 26 2009) [download id="31"]

  • First public release


  1. Download the latest zip file and extract the files
  2. Copy ps_bp_toksta.php to wp-content/mu-plugins
  3. Copy ps_bp_toksta.po to wp-content/languages
  4. Copy ps_bp_toksta_my_friends.php to your WordPress MU root folder


  1. In the BuddyPress dashboard, open Site Admin -> toksta* configuration
    1. Enter your Application ID and Application Password. You'll find this in your control panel at toksta* (toksta* chat plugin for BuddyPress will not work until you've added the application id and application password).
    2. Choose Show Site Admin if you want do show  site admin in Chat
  2. In the BuddyPress dashboard, open Apperance -> Widgets (the Chat widget control is only available to the site admin)
    1. Add the Chat widget to your BuddyPress theme.
    2. Select Edit and set Maximum number of members to show Moved to Site Admin -> toksta* configuration
  3. Go to toksta* and configure the chat and chatbar. If you want to display a friends list in the chatbar, on the settings page, select import friends and add ( is your BuddyPress site).
    Security tips: rename ps_bp_toksta_my_friends.php to "my secret filename".php
  4. If you need to translate the plugin, in wp-content/languages:
    1. Copy ps_bp_toksta.po to ps_bp_toksta-countrycode_LANGUAGECODE.po e.g: ps_bp_toksta-no_NB.po
    2. Edit the file using poedit or its like, and save the .mo file

If you are using the plugin, it would be nice if you posted the url to your site in a comment to this post.

btw, the music in the video is by Ugress playing Redrum