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  1. You need Homebrew
  2. `brew install php70`
  3. `brew install mariadb` (server=, username=root and password=an empty string)
  4. `brew install composer`
  5. `brew install wp-cli`
  6. `composer global require laravel/valet`
  7. Add ~/.composer/vendor/bin to PATH
  8. `valet install`
  9. `mkdir ~/Sites`
  10. `cd ~/Sites`
  11. `valet park`
  12. `mkdir ~/Sites/wp-valet`
  13. `cd ~/Sites/wp-valet`
  14. `wp core download`
  15. https://wp-valet.dev
  16. BONUS: Share your local site using `cd ~/Sites/wp-valet && valet share`

You can learn a lot more at:

Btw, for more complex projects I use VVV