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SharePoint 2010: Customize out of the box Application Pages (AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout, WebDeleted )

In SharePoint 2010, for security reasons, master pages are not applied to the application pages AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout and WebDeleted, instead you’ll have to create a new custom application page and run the power shell command Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage.(source – a must-see):

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CassiniEx Web Server

Second generation pure .NET web server (written in C#, source available). Based on Cassini Personal Web Server (the one in WebMatrix).

New features:

  • Run multiple web applications in a single instance of CassiniEx
  • CassiniEx loads in system tray
  • Supports multiple host headers and ports per web application
  • Supports multiple virtual folders
  • Each web app has a log file in W3C extended log file format
  • Each web app can allow or deny remote connections
  • Custom default documents per web app

Why CassiniEx? It’s a useful alternative to IIS for developer machines and possibly lightweight Web service endpoints, since it handles nothing but HTTP traffic, thus eliminating a large amount of IIS’ overhead.

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