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CSS Editor for WP and WPMU

Still work in progress, but here’s a teaser:

CSS Editor

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Your site might have a backdoor, SVN is handing out the key to everyone

A lot of sites have forgotten to protect their SVN. It’s easy to check if your site is open for grabs,  just see if you can access  http://YOURSITE/.svn/entries

To protect your site, add the following to your .htaccess file:

[sourcecode language=’html’]

RewriteRule ^(.*/)?.svn/ – [F,L]
ErrorDocument 403 “Access Forbidden”



MyGeneration: “MyGeneration is a Development Tool written in Microsoft .NET. MyGeneration generates code from templates by combining either JScript, VBScript, DotNetScript C#, or DotNetScript VB.NET with a powerful database meta-data API. MyGeneration is 100% FREE and supports Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access. MyGeneration can generate code for non-Microsoft operating systems. MyGeneration serves up meta-data from your DBMS system that you can access in your script files or templates to generate whatever you might need, including C# and VB.NET code, Stored Procedures, PHP, HTML and more.”

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N-Stuff – the tools you need

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Integrating documentation into VS.NET

In this excellent article Sune Trudslev explains how to document using the XML tags, how to use NDoc to convert the XML into very nice looking HTML Help files, and last but not least, how to integrate the help into Visual Studio .NET.

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