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  1. eddie

    Not working…getting fatal error…

    says I'm missing a plugin…?

    Have simplemodal installed and janrainsimple installed

  2. soderlind Post author

    To be able to debug and find the error, I need the exact error message. Please past it in here. Thanks.

  3. mattp

    Hi, I cannot activate the SimpleModal Janrain Engage plugin either. This is the error I get when trying to activate the plugin:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    This plugin requires , which you do not have. Add and activate the missing plugin

    My environment is WordPress 3.0.3, php 5.3.

    Plugin SimpleModal Login is installed and activated.

  4. mattp

    Per my earlier post, I found the dependency check function also checks for the RPX_API_KEY_OPTION

    I added my api key into the Engage plugin, and was then able to activate the plugin.

  5. @wnoisephx

    is there any way to control the size and layout.? It stacks the log in below the images, and if the user is trying to register the captcha is below that, with the buttons below the edge of the screen. No Scroll bars either so it make it useless

  6. soderlind Post author

    @mattp, glad you were able to use it.

    @wnoisephx, thank you for the feedback . You can adjust the size by editing the plugin (see the css at the end of the file), but I guess that's an option only for geeks like me :) I'll see if find a better/easier way of doing it.

  7. soderlind Post author

    @ wnoisephx, as you can see from the screenshot above, captcha integrates fine with the latest version.

  8. mattp

    Can you please give me some hint about how the user is logged in to WordPress, via Janrain on SimpleModal Engage? I have a wordpress 3.0.4 site, with simplemodal, rpx and simplemodal engage plugins installed. API key is correct.

    My sidebar.php has this code:

    <?php wp_register(); ?>
    <?php wp_loginout($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); ?>
    <?php wp_meta(); ?>

    When I click on either register or log in, I get the simple modal popup. Using Google it goes through what looks like a successful login via Engage, and is finally redirected to the url: /staging/wp-login.php?action=rpx_token

    When logging in via LinkedIn I get redirected


    End result is the user appears to have been authenticated, but is not being logged into WordPress. From this I assume that the Engage application is correctly configured. Logging in using local WordPress account works fine, so i assume simplemodal plugin is ok.

    So I figured that the simplemodal engage plugin is handling the response, and was expecting to see something like a do_action('wp_login') in the plugin.php code, however I can't see anything like that.

    I get the same result in twentyten and in a custom theme.

    Any help much appreciated, as I think I've exhausted my own brain power :-)

    1. Robert

      Basically, janrain comes up with a popupbox for logging in trough Linkedin, asking for an e-mail. However, using this plugin stops that plugin from popping up. You know, WordPress ensists that every user is registered with a valid e-mail adress. Twitter and Linkedin don't send these to janrain, therefore the popup normall shows.

  9. mattp

    Me again! I found the login code in the Engage plugin. Didnt' see it earlier as my Engage plugin was a bit mangled. Reinstalled Engage plugin; it's still not working, but at least I know to ask Janrain for help.

  10. mattp

    I had another look into the Engage plugin in code, and realised that for the redirection to work, but not to log me in, then I must be missing a handler in the wp-login.php page. I found this

    <code>add_action('login_form', 'rpx_login_form') </code>

    which is removed by your plugin

    <code>remove_action('login_form', 'rpx_login_form');</code>

    Commenting out the remove_action line, from your plugin, makes the Janrain code work again, but also makes there icons show up for a second time in the simplemodal login.

    You don't seem to have your own add_action, so it makes me wonder again how your plugin works.

    1. Robert

      You need to remove <code>remove_action(RPX_REGISTER_FORM_ACTION_NAME, 'rpx_register_form');<code> from line 117 in ps_simplemodal_janrain_engage.php . its the popup box that allows wordpress to link an e-mail adress to a linkedin or twitter login

      Great plugin, thanks !

  11. DonOfTheWorld

    Not working ,, It is giving fatal error. I installed both required plugin but still useless. This is the error:

    "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    This plugin requires , which you do not have. Add and activate the missing plugin"

  12. Jonathan

    Hello! Thank you so much for your work on this plugin. Unfortunately, after the last update (yesterday I believe), we are getting a spinner over the Janrain areas that will not allow us to login. This can be tested here: http://ecbiz97.inmotionhosting.com/~hammer13/add-… (click on the Login link). – Please note that this site is in development so much is in progress.

    We have de-activated and re-activated all of the plugins, re-input our Janrain API key, re-saved our login widget selection, etc. No luck. Any ideas?

    1. soderlind Post author

      Hi Jonathan, I'll remove the spinner and post an update as soon as possible, give me a couple of hours.

      1. Jonathan

        Thank you so much for that fix!! I have one last request. For some reason we are no longer able to redirect users to a specific page after they login. Is this something that we can set in your plugin, or is this the result of a different plugin interfering? Thanks again!

  13. vinoowijn1

    Hi there! I translated the .pot to a dutch .mo, though i can't seem to get it to work. Putting the translations ps_simplemodal_janrain_engage-nl_NL.mo + the nl_NL.po in "simplemodal-janrain-engage/languages/" doesn't work. Does it by any chance call it from another directory?

    1. soderlind Post author

      The path and filename is correct (simplemodal-janrain-engage/languages/ps_simplemodal_janrain_engage-LOCALE.mo, where LOCALE is the same you've set in wp-config.php: define ('WPLANG', 'nl_NL');

      Are you running this blog from a subdirectory e.g.: domain.com/blog/ ?

      1. vinoowijn1

        Cheers for the reply :)
        Hmm, no I'm not running it into a sub. All files seem to be in order. It doesnt translate the admin page of your plugin page either. I translated SimpleModal, when i disable your plugin i see that my login forms and admin page are translated well for that plugin. Just yours doesnt seem to pick up my translation from its pot

  14. Jonathan Menon

    Hi Per,

    Does your plug-in give a user of Janrain Engage a way to customize the experience a bit more than their standard widget does? I think that's the purpose of your plug-in, but I am new to all this.

    I want to make Janrain the required login for my site, but I want to enable a user to sign-in from the comment form without having to go through the extra click that Janrain requires via the WordPress login box. Does your widget allow me to do that? As for Simplemodal, could I just use a {display: none;} to hide the Simplemodal login from the login box that appears?

    If all this is true, then you have solved a huge problem for me.

    Thanks very much

  15. Jonathan

    Hi there. Just wondering if there is any way to implement this as a widget. I would love to have more control over the functions and it seems like it will be a lot of work to unpack the plugin. I want to offer a very similar feeling to what you're created, only on my sidebar.

  16. soderlind Post author

    Hi Jonathan.

    You don't need my plugin if you want to add Janrain Engage as a sidebar widget. Janrain includes its own.

  17. hark

    This shit don’t work: This plugin requires , which you do not have. Add and activate the missing plugin


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