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Continuous Deployment from GitHub to WordPress Azure



TL;DR: Create a .deployment file and push it to GitHub:

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Metro Share Social Fonts

Metro Share Social Fonts is a lightweight add-on plugin to the Metro Share plugin. It will replace the default Metro Share social icons with icomoon social fonts



  • CSS 2849 Bytes
  • Fonts 9405 Bytes (icomoon.min.eot 1927B, icomoon.min.svg 2606B, icomoon.min.ttf 1880B and icomoon.woff 2992B)

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An Ace Custom Field Type for the Admin Page Framework.

AceCustomFieldType Demo


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TablePress Extension: Chartist


Using Chartist.js, this TablePress extension creates a responsive chart based on the data in a TablePress table.

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MEXP 23, a 23 Video extention for WordPress Media Explorer

This plugin is an extension for WordPress Media Explorer plugin that adds the 23 Video service. The extension allows user to search vidoes from 23 Video by text and tag.

Insert from 23 Video

Development of this plugin is done on GitHub. Pull requests welcome.

The plugin is also available from the WordPress plugin directory.

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