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WordPress, how to modify the HTML of an oEmbed link


Background: EPiServer is the CMS for the Norwegian Government main site, and we use WordPress for more ad hoc sites.

Task: Based on the design guide for, add 23 video to WordPress.

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CSS Flags library for WordPress

The CSS Flags plugin / library for WordPress loads a dynamicly created CSS. It has the following responsive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) flags:

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WordPress theme development, add and activate required plugins

At work we’re developing a new WordPress theme. The theme “depends” on a few plugins. We are adding the plugins using the TGM Plugin Activation library.

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Continuous Deployment from GitHub to WordPress Azure



TL;DR: Create a .deployment file and push it to GitHub:

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Metro Share Social Fonts

Metro Share Social Fonts is a lightweight add-on plugin to the Metro Share plugin. It will replace the default Metro Share social icons with icomoon social fonts



  • CSS 2849 Bytes
  • Fonts 9405 Bytes (icomoon.min.eot 1927B, icomoon.min.svg 2606B, icomoon.min.ttf 1880B and icomoon.woff 2992B)

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