WordPress and Pow

Apple + WordPress = POW!

Here is my second take on running WordPress and WordPress Multisite locally on my Mac (first is here). I just discovered Pow; “Pow is a zero-config Rack server for Mac OS X. Have it serving your apps locally in under a minute”, and my first thought was “can I run WordPress on Pow?”.  Well, here’s how I did it (I’ll also show you how to install MySQL, PHP 5.4 and Ruby 1.93 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion):

View the step by step installation guide

Arrays, Arrays, Arrays; aka Piklist for WordPress

Piklist, still in beta, is a must-have that will save you hours of development time. It’s also a WordPress framework (maybe THE WordPress framework).

Here’s an example I’ve created. This is still very beta, the table.php I’ve written is based upon the Custom List Table Example plugin, and I haven’t created the class-piklist-table.php backend yet:

See the example and learn more about Piklist