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WordPress Customizer Demo: In Twenty Sixteen, toggle post meta on or off


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Plugin Customizer: Ad WordPress customizer to a plugin

Plugin Customizer

tl;dr –  The commented demo plugin is available at GitHub.

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101: How to fetch a git pull request



You should test pull requests locally before you merge them with your code. Fetching a pull request from a remote repository is simple, just do:

  1. In your local project folder, do: git ls-remote
    You’ll get a list like this:
    15438eca8b7f62f371985823fe6fa8c60d7a3b50 HEAD
    15438eca8b7f62f371985823fe6fa8c60d7a3b50 refs/heads/master
    4abd4e393cc1bc57af576a67a1a56b3dae6ecabd refs/pull/2/head
    e05af83eeebb01e52d8b42f24c570c8290e0b351 refs/pull/4/head
  2. Find the pull request in the list above, and fetch it, eg:
    git fetch origin refs/pull/4/head
  3. Temporarly checkout the pull request: git checkout FETCH_HEAD
  4. Test the code
  5. Return to the master: git checkout master
  6. If everything is fine, you can now merge the pull request in the remote repository and pull it down to your local project: git pull

My WordPress plugins are ready for 4.6

Tested & found compatible with WordPress 4.6. My plugins are following the WordPress Coding Standards.

Plugin Travis CI Code Climate
CSS Flags library
Date and Time Picker field
Debug Bar List Script & Style Dependencies
delicious tagroll shortcode
Google Tag Manager Multisite Admin
lorem shortcode
Metro Share Social Fonts
My Permalink Demo
Read Offline
Remove the “Comments are closed”
WP Anchor Header
WP Link To Playlist Item


On your Mac, use Larvel Valet for local WordPress and PHP development

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