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[lorem] shortcode

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I needed dummy text for a blog I'm working on, and since I like to code I wrote a simple plugin I'd like to share, you'll find it  in the WordPress Plugin Directory


Plugin: You’ll find the plugin at

InstallationDownload the plugin and save it in wp-content/plugins (remember to activate in Plugins) or wp-content/mu-plugins or install it from inside WordPress in Plugins->Add New (search for “lorem shortcode”)

UsageAdd the shortcode to a Page. The plugin contains two shortcodes, [lorem] and [loremimage], the [loremimage] shortcode can be nested in the [lorem] shortcode. Supported parameters, all are optional:



  • p="3" Number of paragraphs. Default is 5
  • l="7", Number of lines per paragraph. Default is 3
  • align="right" This tells how you'd like to allign a nested shortcode. There are two alternatives, left or right. Default is right


The loremimage is created using, and hence the shortcode supports the same parameters as

  • size="400×400" Image size. Default is 300×200.
  • text="lorem ipsum" Default is empty.
  • fgcolor="fff" Image foreground color. Default is "ccc".
  • bgcolor="ccc" Image foreground color. Default is  "eee".
  • format="png", Image format. Default is "png". 

I've added two additional parameters/values

  • size="thumb" This will create a thumbnail, size based on your WordPress image settings. The thumb links to another image and support Lightbox et al (has attribute rel="lightbox[lorem]").
  • style="padding:5px;" Default is empty


  • 1.1 Added support for embedded shortcodes and added the [loremimage] short code. The [loremimage] can be used by itself. The image is created using
  • 1.0 Initial release




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  1. Hi — I use Lorem Ipsum all the time to stuff into test areas. I've been going to the neat Lorem Ipsum site and doing copy and paste. Thanks for this. Useful.

  2. soderlind

    Glad you like it. Please spread the word and if you like it, rate the plugin at


  3. Chris Jewitt

    I came across an article about doing this very same thing in Microsoft Word. If you type in “=rand(p,s)”, replace the p and s with numbers and it will do essentially the thing as your plugin. When I read the article, I thought.. that would be a fun and useful plugin, searched the repository and I ended up here. Nice one!

  4. Love this plugin, so useful! There’s lots of Lorem Ipsum text inserting plugins, but this also does images, fantastic!
    Good job!


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