You know how it's like. You start to use a javascript library and you tend to stick with it. I've been drifting between Prototype.js and Moo. I've looked at jQuery but stuck to Prototype/Moo since I "knew it".

Last night I decided to rewrite my old check for new ImageManager version routine. Being a script junkie, I thought I give jQuery a chance. It was a joy .. I really like jQuery!

BTW, here's the result:

[sourcecode language='js']



jQuery(document).ready(function() {
Wait until the DOM is loaded
jQuery.get('', function(newversion){
Get, and put its content into the variable newversion
jQuery('#plugins').filter(':contains(ImageManager)').append('<small>new version available</small>').css('color','red');
In the <div id=plugins>, find <td class=name> which contains the text ImageManager
and append <small>new version available</small>. Using css, set the text color to red.