ImageManager supporting WordPress 2.5 will hopefully be ready by the end of next week.

Update 8.4.2008: ImageManager 2.5 is "working" in WordPress 2.5, but you'll have to give me a couple of days to get rid of bugs (mainly javascript errors). I've been firebugging all night, now I'm off to my day job. I will continue debugging ImageManager later today (i.e. tonight .. this is a midnight hack) .

Update 9.4.2008: All javascript errors are found (according to Firebug) and fixed. Tomorrow night I will do testing.

10.4.2008: ImageManager 2.5.0 is released, you'll find it at

16.4.2008: ImageManager 2.5.2 supporting WPMU 1.3.3 is almost done (should also support WPMU 1.5 when it's released). I will also test it against WordPress 2.3.x prior to release. The plan is to release it by the end of this week

17.4.2008: I just released v2.5.2 which supports WP 2.5, WP 2.3.3 and WPMU 1.3.3

Note: This is a maintenance release (i.e. no new features are added). It's only tested with WordPress 2.5 , WordPress 2.3.3 and WPMU 1.3.3, and in IE 7 / Firefox 2.x