Launch Exposé

Exposé's All Windows mode (F3 or F9 by default)

Command-1: sort all open windows alphabetically by window title
Command-2: group windows by application

Exposé’s Application Windows mode (Control-F3 or F10 by default)

Snow Leopard: show you all windows from the selected application. if you’ve got Safari windows in three different Spaces, Exposé will present them all on one screen. If you then choose a window in something other than the current Space, Exposé will take you to that Space.

Leopard: show windows within the current space. If you’d prefer this behavior over the default Snow Leopard behavior, open Terminal (in Applications -> Utilities), and enter:

defaults write wvous-show-windows-in-other-spaces -bool FALSE
killall Dock

if you want to revert back to Snow Leopard default mode, run the following commands:

defaults delete wvous-show-windows-in-other-spaces
killall Dock

killall Dock must be run to relaunch the Dock

Command-Tab Exposé

Command-Tab until you've selected the application you want to Exposé, release Tab (keep the Command key pressed) and press the Up arrow. Release the Command and Up-arrow, leaving no keys pressed

Just click and hold the icon in the Dock for the application you want to Exposé


Cycle through the applications in Exposé using Tab (or Shift-Tab)


Select application in Exposé by typing portions of their names (as shown below each application), or
Select the application using Up or Down key

When selected the application will get a blue frame, and you can:

press Space Bar to zoom in/out on the application
press Return to select it (and leave Exposé mode)


Press Esc to return back to the application you were in when you launched Exposé