Drool Radio 1.2 is now in iTunes App Store! Drool Radio is now available in most of the world in both paid and free version. New in this version include:

  • Station list database updated, now more than 1.400 stations.
  • "On screen controls" added to the horizontal view replacing tap to stop/start.
  • Last played station is selected when starting up.
  • Option to Auto-Play last played station on start up.
  • Option to Shake to play random radio station.
  • Volume now gently fades from 0% to "last used volume" when Radio Clock Alarm rings.
  • Volume is set to 80% when connected to a docking station.
  • The amount of time Drool Radio tries to re-connect when loosing connection to a radio station has been increased.
  • Other minor changes and misc bug fixes

Version 1.3 is in development. When launched, Drool Radio will have more that 25.000 radio stations!

Also see my article at http://soderlind.no/archives/2009/08/26/a-must-have-drool-radio-for-iphone/