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delicious tagroll for WordPress

The Delicious tagroll for WordPress plugin adds a new shortcode to WordPress, the the shortcode shortcode. The shortcode creates a tag cloud or a list of tags (see parameters below).


Plugin: You’ll find the plugin at

Installation: Download the plugin and save it in wp-content/plugins (remember to activate in Plugins) or wp-content/mu-plugins or install it from inside WordPress in Plugins->Add New (search for “delicious tagroll”)

Usage: Add the shortcode to a Page. The shortcode supports the following parameters:

  • Mandatory:
    • username=”delicious username” (if you forget it, my tagroll is displayed instead ;))
  • Optional:
    • title=”tagroll title” (default =”My Delicious Tags”, use ” ” if you don’t want a tagroll title)
    • count=”number of tags” (default=”100″)
    • sort=”alpha or freq” (default = “alpha”)
    • showcounts=”true or false” (default = “false”, show tag counts)
    • mincount (default mincount=”10″), eg. show only tags with 10 or more links
    • minfont=”12″
    • maxfont=”35″
    • tags (default empty), eg. used to filter which tags you’d like to display eg. tags=”javascript,jquery,nodejs

Change log

v 2.1.2

  • Bugfix, you need this one if you are running a version less than PHP 5.3, since $xml->channel->item->count() is only supported in PHP 5.3 and newer.

v 2.1.1

  • Replaced LastRSS with WordPress built in methods and set/get transient for caching:
  • Added a new optional attribute:
    • tags (default empty), used to filter which tags you’d like to display eg. tags=”javascript,jquery,nodejs”

v 2.0

  • Delicious removed their JavaScript feed so I had to do a total rewrite
    • Creates the tag cloud server-side (good for SEO) and lets you change the look and feel using the included style sheet.
    • Uses the Delicious RSS feed API
    • Caches the feed for one hour. Delicious might block you if you access their feed API too often.
  • Some attributes are removed from the shortcode (you can change these using the ps_delicious_tagroll.css style sheet in the plugin directory):
    • mincolor
    • maxcolor
    • flow
  • Also removed the attributes
    • showname
    • showadd
    • icon
  • Added a new attribute:
    • mincount (default mincount=”10″), eg. show only tags with 10 or more links

v 1.1

  • changed parameter name=”true” to showname=”true”
  • added missing parameter showcounts=”false”

v 1.0

  • initial release


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  1. bensawyer

    Any way to point it to a different stylesheet?

  2. Is it just me, or did this plug in (and the underlying javascript and/or API from delicious) stop working recently?

  3. Herbuel

    Great job :oj

    Is it possible to add a selection of some tags from my Delicious account?

    • PerS

      You mean, have a filter and only show some of the tags? e.g:

      [ delicious_tagroll tags="aaa,bbb,ccc" ]

      • Herbuel

        Yes, excactly! I didn’t find a syntax or option for that, but may be I didn’t see it…

  4. I finally noticed that the default number of tags shown is 100; is that the 100 tags I most frequently used? or a random selection of 100 tags or some other criteria?

  5. Hello Per,

    thank you for providing this plugin. It seems like as you are the only one providing such a plugin for WP these days. Thanks for the update, but somehow I am not able to write some text into the same page as the shortcode is pasted in, without mixing the text in between the tagroll. At your demo page, it is happening as well, that your text right aligned in the cloud appears. Could you please give me some advice, how to deal with that problem.

    Thank you, Gerald

  6. Thanks for making this plugin, it looks like it will be highly useful once I get it working correctly :-)

    Using the basic plugin code, only 7 of my many tags display in the cloud. When I add [ tags=”faculty development,research,etc” ] to my code, only one of the 15 tags entered is actually displaying.

    Any guesses about why only a small number of my Delicious tags would display in my cloud?

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