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SharePoint 2010: Customize out of the box Application Pages (AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout, WebDeleted )

In SharePoint 2010, for security reasons, master pages are not applied to the application pages AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout and WebDeleted, instead you’ll have to create a new custom application page and run the power shell command Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage.(source – a must-see):

In WSS3.0 and MOSS2007 it was a real headache to customise pages such as the Access Denied page or Sign Out page without editing the out of the box SharePointRoot files.
In SPF2010 and SPS2010 this has changed with the introduction of PowerShell commands to point the location of the application page to a newly created customised one.

“Following PS Command replaces Request Access Page (reqacc.aspx) in layouts folder, assuming customized version of Request Access page is deployed to custompages folder under layouts directory

So, don’t change the files (error.aspx, login.aspx etc) in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14TEMPLATELAYOUTS, but use them as templates for the new custom pages


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  1. Golu Singh

    Check out this link too its also having a wonderful explanation on how to use custom application page in sharepoint…


  2. There is a Bug in SharePoint in setting up Custom Access Denied Page. To achieve this, please find the workaround in below URL

    Configure Custom Access Denied Page – BUG in SharePoint 2013

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