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The Team Portal iPhone/iPad App

I guess I’m at bit biased since we made this app, but I really like the Team Portal iPhone app. Give it a try yourself together with your free SharePoint 2010 account.

Some of the current features:

  • View and open your collaboration sites and sub sites
  • Manage your favorite sites
  • Open documents from your sites, share documents by link or attachment
  • Flip horizontal for full screen view of any content
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Task lists (your tasks, overdue, all tasks)
  • People list showing online and offline site members
  • Call or e-mail your site members
  • Choice to remember/forget your username and password
  • Choose your default opening menu in this app

Upload to SharePoint 2010


SharePoint 2010 upload - screenshot from


Besides the built-in upload to SharePoint 2010, I’ve looked at other methods to do uploads to SharePoint 2010. Here are my findings:

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SharePoint 2010: Customize out of the box Application Pages (AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout, WebDeleted )

In SharePoint 2010, for security reasons, master pages are not applied to the application pages AccessDenied, Confirmation, Error, Login, RequestAccess, Signout and WebDeleted, instead you’ll have to create a new custom application page and run the power shell command Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage.(source – a must-see):

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