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An SVG logo Custom Control for the WordPress Customizer


Another proof of concept.

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WP Gears and the Heartbeat API

Testing WP Gears and the Heartbeat API, WP Gears is at NOTE: this plugin is run continuously, triggered by ‘plugins_loaded’, you should use an event triggered by the user (onclick, onhover etc))

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WordPress Customizer Demo: In Twenty Sixteen, toggle post meta on or off


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Plugin Customizer: Ad WordPress customizer to a plugin

Plugin Customizer

tl;dr –  The commented demo plugin is available at GitHub.

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DropzoneJS & WordPress REST API with Custom Endpoint


The plugin provides drag’n’drop file uploads and uses the wp rest api to upload the file.
This version adds a custom endpoint, has code for handling the upload and uploads the file to uploads/yyyy/mm without adding the file to the media library.  If you need to upload the file to the media library, see  DropzoneJS & WordPress REST API.

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