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My WordPress plugins are ready for 4.6

Tested & found compatible with WordPress 4.6. My plugins are following the WordPress Coding Standards.

Plugin Travis CI Code Climate
CSS Flags library
Date and Time Picker field
Debug Bar List Script & Style Dependencies
delicious tagroll shortcode
Google Tag Manager Multisite Admin
lorem shortcode
Metro Share Social Fonts
My Permalink Demo
Read Offline
Remove the “Comments are closed”
WP Anchor Header
WP Link To Playlist Item


On your Mac, use Larvel Valet for local WordPress and PHP development

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Spring Cleaning 2016

WordPress 4.5 is out and my plugins needs some dusting. I will upgrade most of my plugins. I will update this page as it happens.

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DropzoneJS & WordPress REST API with Custom Endpoint


The plugin provides drag’n’drop file uploads and uses the wp rest api to upload the file.
This version adds a custom endpoint, has code for handling the upload and uploads the file to uploads/yyyy/mm without adding the file to the media library.  If you need to upload the file to the media library, see  DropzoneJS & WordPress REST API.

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Control what (super) admins can do. Works with regular and multisite WordPress

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