UPDATE: The 1080i 50P ProRes file is available as a torrent (NOTE, it's a 246GB file !)

Friday November 27th over 1,4 million Norwegians watched parts of “Bergensbanen” on NRK2. The longest documentary ever? At least the longest we have made, almost 7 1/2 hours, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.
.. source: https://nrkbeta.no/2009/12/18/bergensbanen-eng/

To wet your appetite, here’s a 10 minute video, from Finse:


  • 7 hours continues front view recording.
  • Recorded on a Sony 700 camera in XDCAM HD 1080 50i.
  • Available as 720 50P, 1280×720 version, 22 GB file, and as a 1080i 50P ProRes file (NOTE, it's a 246GB file !)
  • Released under Creative Commons


For more information, and the download, head over to https://nrkbeta.no/2009/12/18/bergensbanen-eng/