• Banner.js – An object oriented approach
    The easiest method to “borrow” somebody else’s code, is through inheritance.
  • Printing with Style
    There’s a lot of techniques used on the net to create nice looking prints from web pages. Some take a copy of the pages and removes unwanted elements manually, some do it by opening a new print-friendly page using a server side script (ASP, PHP, perl, …). I prefer doing it with style.
  • <split image/>
    You can create some nice pictures by splitting them up into smaller images. Doing this in Photoshop and keeping the proportions isn’t easy (I’m no photoshop guru), instead you can do it using a table.
  • GeoIP.asp – Where are your internet visitors coming from?
    With GeoIP you can detect where your visitors are coming from. You can use this information to deliver personalized information, reducing credit card fraud, analyzing web server logs (I use it for SNIFF), target banner ads, ….
  • Cassini and Apache 101
    Cassini is a web server written in C#, you’ll find more information about it at http://www.asp.net/
  • Making Windows XP Professional web developer friendly
    Web development on Windows XP Professional is a drag, or it was until I discovered two “fixes”.
    First, Microsoft in their kind way (being ironic Bill), implemented the simple file sharing on XP. I wasted a lot of time on this “fix”, trying to change permissions on a database (giving the IUSER_xxx user write permission).
  • URL aliases in emails
    Don’t you hate it when you receive emails with extreamly long links? Imagine how your customers feels about it.