AHP Sitewide Recent Posts Widget for WPMU makes it  easy to add and configure the AHP Sitewide Recent Posts plugin.


Version history (change log):

0.9 (Mars 4 2009) [download id="35"]

  • Initial release


  1. Download the latest zip file and extract the files
  2. Copy ahp_recent_posts_widget_ps.php to wp-content/mu-plugins
  3. Copy ahp_recent_posts_widget_ps.po to wp-content/languages


  1. Go to Site Admin->AHP Sitewide Recent Posts configuration
  2. In the WPMU dashboard, open Appearance -> Widgets and add the widget to your theme
  3. If you need to translate the plugin, in wp-content/languages:
    1. Copy ahp_recent_posts_widget_ps.po to ahp_recent_posts_widget_ps-countrycode_LANGUAGECODE.po e.g: ahp_recent_posts_widget_ps-no_NB.po
    2. Edit the file using poedit or its like, and save the .mo file