First time: I was playing with b2 and saw there was a branch called WordPress

If you need to reach me, I'm on twitter as @soderlind

I Love

  • My family
  • Sailing
  • Books
  • Binge-watching TV-series
  • Code

Curriculum Vitae

  • Over 30 years experience in IT/technology environments in consulting, technical development, and management roles for both established companies and start-up’s.
  • Extensive experience with different technologies including, Unified Communications, MS SharePoint, cloud enabled services and WordPress.
  • Extensive experience in designing and implementing system architectures.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully manage technical teams, both development and operational, to deliver to company objectives
  • Experience in supporting sales activities through consulting, pre sales and technical implementation.
  • Experience in managing technical partners and outsourced/offshore IT developers
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully achieve objectives in dynamically changing environments.
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