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A must have: Drool Radio for iPhone


Drool Radio is a High Quality Internet Streaming Radio Player with a Unique design.

Drool Radio has huge selection of categorized radio stations that are continuously updated and you’ll be notified when the station list is updated and asked if you want to download the new stations.

Since the radio is streamed over the Internet you can listen to your favorite local radio station when abroad on business trips or on vacation.

Unique Tuner Wheel
Use the “Tuner Wheel” to easily browse through your favorite stations. With the “Retro Tuner Static” sound effect turn on, you’ll hear old fashion “tuner static” when turning the “Tuner Wheel”.

Radio Alarm Clock
The Radio Alarm Clock and Sleep Function enables you to listen to your favorite radio station when you when you go to sleep or wake up in the morning.

Audio Stream Settings
Drool Radio will automatically adjust the stream bit rate to match the available bandwidth. When you are connected to WiFI the best quality stream will always be selected. When on a cellular, a lower quality stream will be selected where available.
You can also disable playback over cellular data network.

Tap the display or tilt the iPhone/iPod to see the spectrum analyzer while listening to music.
Horizontal view support the following gestures:

  • Swipe left or right to select next or previous favorite radio station
  • Swipe up or down to turn volume up or down
  • Tap to toggle play and stop

– Huge selection of high quality streaming internet radio stations that are continually updated.

– Find your favorite radio station by free-text search or browse by region or genre.

– Automatically adjust streaming quality to match available bandwidth.

– Artist and Song title are displayed if the station is broadcasting the information.

– Radio Alarm Clock and Sleep function.

– Tap the display or tilt sideways to see spectrum analyzer.

– Choose between five different display colors.

– Add your own Radio Stations or streaming URLs.

– Supports the following languages: English and Norwegian (more to be added in the next version)

– iPhone & iPod touch (2nd Generation) with OS version 3.0 or later.
– WiFi, GPRS, Edge or 3G Network required to listen to streaming internet audio.

You’ll find Drool Radio at the app store:


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  1. Alison W

    Hi – I have downloaded Drool Radio, and while it is a fantastic application, every time I try to play P4 it seems to have a lot of buffering problems and then hangs and causes my whole iPhone to hang. I should mention that I am in India, so maybe that has something to do with it, but funnily enough when I have played any of the UK radio stations it seems to work just fine. Do you have any idea why this happens? The main reason I downloaded it was to listen to Norwegian radio, especially P4!!

  2. PerS

    Hi Alison.

    I’m not involved in the development of Drool Radio, but I know the developers, so I’ll forward your concerns.

    Have you tried any of the other Norwegian radio stations (Radio Norge or NRK P1) ? P4 is known to have a saturated audio stream.

  3. Adrian Zanelli

    Hi, I can’t find it on the AppStore store, has it been removed or do you have to be in Norway?
    I’m in the UK.

    • PerS

      Sorry, for v1.0 you’ll have to be in Norway. v1.1 will be available in the UK. It should be out soon (I’ll update this blog entry when it’s available)

  4. PerS

    Version 1.2 was just released, it’s available world wide. More information at

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